Lashing Out

While you plow through daily life,
holding on through everyday strife,
you see chumps smiling about
content with their ambition’s little size.

And you can’t keep sitting in one place,
the luxury of rest is not your case,
as there are always others better than you,
that glass half full is only for fools.

You can either be happy
or you can grow,
because you can see life
with it’s true color – blue.

Ignorance is happiness – which is right,
but to move up in the world
one has to fight!
Struggle and put in sincere work,
try again, learn, and use every quirk.

Or you can keep doing what you do,
be in dreamland with nothing to prove.
But you will be stuck in one place,
happy and ignorant, with nothing to chase.

That is, however, what fools do,
and I can admit if I’m wrong too.
If you’re not a fool can you find
prove me wrong and have an open mind?

Or are you blinded by your hatred strong,
unable to tell right from wrong?
For wise & intelligent can accept that, what
the world truly was – ruthless all along.

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