MOSSAD: The greatest missions of Israeli’s secret service

GENRE     Non-Fiction, Military
AUTHOR  Mickel Bar Zohar & Nissim Mishal
PAGES      360
RELATED BOOK Mitrokhin Archives, Sword & Shield, Beyond Hitler Grasp,No mission is impossible

“For unsung heroes, for battles untold, for book unwritten, for secret unspoken, and for a dream of peace never abandoned, never forgotten.” 

These are the dedications of the book. The statement is enough to make you understand-what contains the book are neither initials or the end of Mossad’s operations.

Imagine a struggling man in his mid-twenties asked to work for a secret service in return for family support. He has no option but to go for it. He is trained, molded as spie and sent in the nest of the enemy. He grows there, gets recognized, finds the network with top officials. Every major program of the country is under his radar, living in the near to military headquarters, sending intel to his fellow men. With his input, his country stopped many potential threats. They are in the best position to attack or defend themselves. One day, he gets caught and torched to hell. His mates try all measures for his return but fail. He dies as a hero.

Yeah !! It is one of the stories in the book. The above plot is from Damascus, Syria. All missions in the book are no less than an epitome of brilliance in their work. Readers will have wooo feeling after every chapter. There are numerous characters, complex network and excellent analyzing skills that gives result only Mossad like organization can achieve.

Mossad’s glory precedes its name. Protecting a naive nation, surrounded by enemy country(s),  its intelligence and covert operations, ensured its security.  I found a complete package of adventure & thriller in all the twenty-one chapters. From dismantling Syria’s nuclear facility, getting a Russian Mig 21, slowing down Iran’s nuclear program for almost a decade, destroying dams that were supposed to restrict water supplies to Isreal, huff !! I can go on and on. There are failure stories too but god !! what graceful failures. The tone of the writer is soo simple that you can picture the events going on.I don’t know about you but I was completing 4-5 chapters in one sitting. It is kind of pulls you back for one more story, one more and one more. 

I am reading lots of non-fictional books but what military and its stories tech can you is beyond comparison. I have added Sword & Shield in my reading list. 

A similar military book that pulled my attention was Extreme Ownership: How Navy Seals Lead and win. Though it was a self-help book but created a lasting impact.

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