The day I miss you

When will the day arrive?
the day when i will truly miss you,
the day when my eyes will be swollen,
with tears of yearning for you.
The day, when everything around me,
the fires of hell in its disguise,
along with the coolness of heavens,
will be the first, to lose its poise.
The day, when the song of the birds,
or the whistle of the breeze,
which, I remember, blew so merrily,
through your beautifully dishevelled hair,
and i love it that way.
When water droplets, so pure
drips from your open hair,
when you walked with me in the rain,
a few shy glances that you spared.
The day, when the touch of rose petals on my cheeks,
which i know, is so soothing,
though incomparable, to your touch,
without you, too, are silently brooding.
The day, when the stars above us,
which smile, and glitters like diamonds,
yet they envy,
when they see brighter glints,
held so serenely in our eyes.
As the love between us
blossoms, with each kiss at Cupid’s side.
The day,when the murmuring,
of the oldest trees, through their gentle leaves,
which are so divine; so ecstatic,
which amplifies love,
and make it more charismatic.
The day, when the first ray of the sun,
which gives birth to dawn,
which makes the green bathe in gold.
The day, when all this will remind me,
of your unavailability.
when you are not with me,
and it will pain me so intensely.
When the feeling of loneliness will replace them,
that will make my world sway.

But, don’t worry my love,
that day will never arrive.
For i will never miss you just for a show,
as you exist in my heart.
Always beating for me, always with me.
My heart renews, your last touch,
though you are sitting somewhere far away,
away, away, miles far away.
I never miss you just for a show,
for whenever i wish you were here,
i can feel your touch,
touch you gave the last time we met.
i can feel your warm breath,
upon my ears,whispering,
“I am here”.
I am waiting,
for that day to arrive,
when you and I,
will be walking hand in hand.
When you will gift me,
the sweetest kiss on my thirsty lips,
along with that tightest hug.
For it will not be long,
when we stare, in each other’s eyes,
for we will again be
under that jealous, velvety sky.
And I will be there,
waiting for you to arrive.
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