You should have a Wife?

When I was happy without any strife,
when I had no qualms with life.
Then it was deemed by people to advise,
“Boy, you should have a wife!”

I search for joy and for truth,
and go for adventures in my youth.
And yet it was deemed by them to be so rife,
so people told me to have a wife.

But I am gratified in this solo ride,
those society’s rules I do not wish to abide.
Yet they say in whispers sly,
“Man! You must have a wife.”

I weep when I’m sad in heart’s lament,
I also laugh out loud to my heart’s content.
Why should I abandon these strange delights?
I do not understand why I should have a wife!

I can wake up at midnight and go for a ride,
I can spend my day washing my bike.
Why should I give up, for misery, this freedom of choice?
Why? Tell me why I should have a wife?

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