The Cloud’s Flight

‘Pittar-pattar’ the rain drops fall,
From the clouds, its journey small,
towards the earth, smelling fresh.
It falls on the moor beyond that lifeless stream
where darker shadows loom in moonlight beams.

The drops form the pond,
Smaller, bigger; growing in bond
Falling in pit with each other,
Unity’s armour they donned.
Dark clouds gather above, they grow in size,
After joining one another, in lows and highs.

The earth was still before,
A crater in place,
Laying in the summer heat,
Barren, a hopeless space.
The clouds roamed above,
Proud and dark,
When nature taught it, a lesson stark.
Hidden inside is perspiration so wet,
It can wash away the troubles
of that forlorn pit and bless.
The cloud gurgles, it booms above,
The rain falls down, towards the ground,
So fast they fall, as if in love.
They bind together and form that stream,
That quenches the thirst, Of everyone in need.
And that pond too, which is formed,
Gave life to the earth, after that storm.

The clouds may grumble,
But none pay heed,
For it is also smiling and bright,
Not desolate or dark indeed.

It soars now quickly, boundless in the sky,
Watching the earth below Flourish,
a small heaven on the nigh’.
Heading towards another it gathers inside the life,
Some other place so desolate, so full of strife.
To end that pain it travels to another land,
Regardless of the boundaries created by man.

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