Perched a little farther from,
the country’s major city of dreams.
Snuggled lovingly amidst mountainous beasts,
cozily, is the – ‘Oxford of the East’.

Where sun shines merrily about,
of, a traveler is bothered the least.
Where the scenes – most lovely, exists,
which for weary eyes is a delightful feast.

Where the hills full of trees,
stands majestic, still untouched by human greed.
Where the thirst of the blazing ground,
is quenched playfully by drizzly breeze.

Come where travelers from all around,
to live their enchanted dreams.
Where the act of wandering about,
is full of joy – merrier and most serene.

Where travelers tour without a haste,
a paradise for them of exquisite taste.
Where fatigue is swiftly lost,
when a cool drizzle washes the face.

Come lonely traveler & find abode,
a shade in the life’s stinging blaze.
Come and live closer to the hills and sea alike,
here, in this ‘city of more pleasant dreams’

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