A Fool still in Love

Every time and again you love me, you say,

I light up then, like a warm summer’s day.

In the minutes that come,

I am like a kid,

so full of joy and having fun.

That fun is so much more than you think,

it is blissful, joyous, serene, cheery, sprightly, exuberant.

I pop a smile and I dream,

sitting alone of what the life with you could be.

I start weaving those memories of the future,

scenarios of love playing over and over.

Then I stop!

And suddenly the past comes back,

of what you had always done to me,

practically, stabbed me in the back.

I wonder! Will this time it will be different?

The next day comes and here we are again,

in the same place we always attain.

I lay fallen wretched, in despair,

while you find something else for you to entertain.

And then again, you put me to recycle, repair,

come when bored, to use me as a spare.

No more, I say!

And once again I leave,

with fresh wounds on my heart,

learning to forget, yearning to heal.

And you come again,

again the same cycle begins,

playing on my feelings,

so lovelorn in your dealings,

that me, a fool still in love, fall again.

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