The life with my sister


Hey Dear Sister,

Warning: Not limited to just praises. LOL.

It does not seem so long ago that we were fighting and bickering over who gets the remote of the television so that we can watch our favourite programs when I visited you to get away from all the craziness of Engineering college only to land in yours. Which consisted of constant differences in our opinions. You with a flexible and fun loving view of leading life and me with a stoic and a rigid view filled with rules to be followed for every small thing. Or shall I say, me with a very introverted nature and you with an extrovert nature. It certainly was no picnic for me. Then there were disagreements, there were our fights, our wrestling for the T.V. remote and, though less frequent, asking for your pretty friends phone numbers (*smile). In other words, you were the complete opposite of me. I had been exasperated, resigned, infuriated, confused, bewildered and very annoyed at times.

And now, you are married. You have become a woman, a wife, a source of inspiration and a beloved partner of someone – his constant companion in everything in this tumultuous journey of life. And let me tell you it is still not easy for me, au contraire, it is now more difficult because now I do not remember the times that I have been angry at you, fought with you or secretly ate the portion of the chocolate that was supposed to be for you (*grin). No! Now all these things seems so petty that they do not matter to the least.

In fact, what appears to be real and what appeals now most to the soft and delicate part of my nature are the memories of you putting cool wraps on my head during high fever, or reminding me in almost a scolding way to take my medicine which I got from Red Cross Hospital,  or making maggi for yourself but still sharing with me a portion of it, or going out to eat at – ‘Sagar Gere’ or ‘Dominos’ or whatnot restaurants there were – with me in the evenings, or making macroni for me which you know is my favourite only when you make it, or patiently listening to me ranting about the evil deeds of my ex-girlfriend, etc. the list goes on and on. Everything matters now, every small little thing that appeared to be trivial at that time now holds a certain emotion with it. And that’s how life goes on, happiness and good memories happen by the accumulation of small things in life, so never miss them. Also, in addition to that, the most important thing in any relationship, more than love itself, is Respect for each other, rest everything follows. This is a little piece of advice that I give you with all my love for in the beginning of this grand and awesome journey you two are going to embark upon together.

I do not know how many times we will be able to meet in the future, we both are going to be very busy from this point forth. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what all this meant to me, what you mean to me (I am getting a little teary-eyed here, silly old me). You are my little sister after all. I may now open the gate of your home when I visit Bhopal and not meet with the shrill  yet warm with concern greeting of yours that “You’re here”. You are beginning a new journey in your life, a journey you may find gratifying to an extent that it may translate into the “meaning of life”. Congratulations!

Love you sister!


P.S.: I will still disturb you sometimes with my poetries being published and anything new I write.

P.P.S.: Give my greetings to Abhimanyu and wish him my best.

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