Beside the Styx

Hey! Hello everyone. I wrote this piece a while back. Upon reading you may find it to be a blend of greek and christian mythology. It just sort of popped into my mind, and believe you me, I made the story as the poem progressed. Enjoy reading! 🙂

I saw it in her eyes again,
The same forgotten sighs in vain.
For she a goddess and I so low,
With a broken crown on an iron brow.

Love and being her man I beseeched,
From the calmly flowing styx,
And I found there a paler crowd,
With grin and cruel scorns commix.

I did pray singing a doleful song,
A melody with grief I tried,
To make her listen with a mourn,
With a heave and tear run in my eyes.

But she was up and in those glades,
At the side of a knight with a sword,
A sword tainted with the blood,
Of that unsaid love who lived unguard.

I found but a lowly croak,
Emanating from the ungraceful self,
Too filled with sadness upon that reef,
Too choked with madness and the grief.

Forgetting from which way I came,
I ventured to the black castle grand,
Made with flesh and the bones,
The underworld’s lord standing with open hands.

“O! How came you upon this dwelling?”
“And What made you venture forth?”
Gliding and with a smile he asked,
Watching this mortal frame unmasked.

“I am a jilted mortal as such,
Who fell in love with a goddess, shame,
For who am I to be of worth,
Of her love, this unworthy name”

“Cry not hear and don’t be ‘fraid” said he
“For as I come near to thee,
And tell you about your way to Elysium,
For you are true in your pursuit indeed”

“It’s a long way up and without a horror,
And you can go for you can,
For you did love and here it led,
And you followed what the lord hath said”

I bent my knee and folded my hands,
Devoted for come what may,
I know now what is so much near,
A thin veil between love and death till this day.

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