Dancing in the moonlight

I picked myself up from
the shallowing mist aground,
and jumped up with joy,
and climbed up suffering’s mound.

I punched up the air,
cutting it slim and through.
I kept leaping up the land,
where blissful, lazy green grow.

Music and songs none played ‘fore
but they were not needed,
the beats of my heart took it on,
pleasure made my feet’s rhythm, and mind
songs from every lore.

it stirred a memory, of the most comical kind,
etched so deep in the past that is now well-behind.
When I was lot less smarter but happier still,
when feelings were not so complex,
sadness – crying and joy was pure bliss.

It was when I could jump on the bed,
play the old music system,
and dance with a thrill.
It was when I couldn’t open any jar’s lid,
it was that time when I was a kid.

So I danced on, living that memory,
in which I was jumping and shouting,
to the melodious music that was enchanting.
So jubiliated, I moved with a passionate zeal,
and reminiscing, i kept dancing in moonlight beams.

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