Finally completed……

I sit dazed in the sunlight,
And in the moonlight, ablaze,
I weep, quietly coursing the night.
Never had I found before,
This feeling of love so much,
Like a long lost boat, making, finally to the shore.

She was like a silvery dream,
In the mind when I closed my eyes,
Wherever I looked, in every gleam.
Oh! How she swept a glance of my face,
And kissed upon these mortal eyes,
With love and caring and exuding warmth,
Fair with lowered gaze in every case.
Her warm caresses, soft and tender,
Melted my stony heart,
And when I held her hand,
I felt we were two but one part.

Was it a dream? For I cannot find,
Her arms around my neck,
Laying next to me with caresses kind.
Should I call it a dream?
When all I can see,
Is her face in every face, and feel
Her presence in every breath.

When I opened my eyes or turned to see.
And I wish she knew,
I miss her dearly every second, right,
In every breath, every day,
of what we used to have,
In every smile, in every fight.

She is my love, my life,
My moon and stars, as they say,
My very being, my unwedded wife.

(This is when the guy gets the girl and they get married)

I was young then,
When I devoted my soul,
For “I will take thee”, only her,
As my other half, as my forever goal.

Still is, it true, after years spent,
Waking up to her scent next to me,
In the bed, in the pillow,
In my breath, in the sunlight’s glow.

Her morning kiss to awaken me,
From the slumber sweet where I rested,
Where I was with her with my closed eyes,
Sees her again blissfully, smiling love infested.

She bought with me in the run,
Two more lives beloved to me,
See a beautiful girl and a naughty lad,
Both with her eyes and her features and a little of me.

They run and scream and play,
In their grandparents laps they dance.
And she smiles and I wonder about,
If all this is a dream by any chance.

We got older now, we got weary,
Saw life together so much, a little bleary.
Retired now from my work and act in life,
She still is beside me and I am,
Still drunk of her, still overjoyed and cheery.

Older we got, few light left in our eyes,
We saw our lives pass by,
But foremost the moment when,
We took each other hands and,
Vowed in sickness and in health to never depart,
In this life or others to come,
She is mine and I am her’s,
No matter how far we are apart.

We will be together for eternity to come,
as we were in the tribulations and fights,
and through squabbles and trifles,
Our love is like the sun’s flight.

Life will bring us back how lost we may be,
For we are but each other’s soulmate,
Bounded by love, bounded by fate.

And I am so withered now, aged’,
That I cannot think what I leave behind,
But her hand still in mine,
I say unto life – “it has been most kind”.

Now I’m leaving this earth,
With not the painful cry of strife,
But with my life flashing, and with a smile,
I’ll meet her again – my beloved, my wife.

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