I miss writing poems

I miss writing poems.

My pen gliding fluidly on paper,

My thoughts flowing freely,

Writing the things I want to say.

I miss writing poems.

Every verse and rhyme,

The thought of you everytime

I write words in verses.

The mere thought of you

Kept me writing poems

Lets me say to you

Things I’m too afraid to utter.

I miss writing poems

Showering you words of longing

The mere memory of you

Wants me to keep writing.

Alas, I cannot.

For I have lost myself.

I have stopped writing poems

The moment I stopped my feelings for you.

Still I do miss writing poems.

The same way I miss you.

Your voice calling my name

Was enough to get me writing.

One last time

Before I stop writing poems for you.

I will get back to writing poems

But this time, I’ll write it for myself..

-the wrestless pen

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