The ambrosia of passion,

When it goes down your throat,

It turns all facades,

Into pleasurable hopes.

In that mist of pleasure,

When you twist and shine,

Yet you don’t reveal through

The love you’ve hidden behind.

I look through her,

Titillated to the core

Whether I’ll end up in her arms,

Or at the foot of her door.

On both accounts, I won’t give up still,

To love and spread bliss,

Will be my life and my thrill.

My hopes and my smile,

Might reveal it all

To kiss her hand, or to bend on my knee

If I have that gall?

To kiss her goodbye,

I hope I never do,

To wake up to that sunshine,

In that beautiful dawn I hope,

I’ll always end to.

But I know not what,

She has hidden inside,

A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’

I cannot decide.

I wish to see her smile,

Waking up in that morning glow,

And I hope that cloud of doubt,

Let’s the rays of my wishes through

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